The UK-Aid funded Sanitation Challenge for Ghana, which is anchored in the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR) is in the final stages and the reporting platform now closed.

Following the reporting deadline of 27th March, 2019 for submission of reports by the 17 competing Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) and the Private Sector and Non-State Actors (PS-NSAs) the online reporting platform has closed.  

At this stage of the Dignified City Award, no MMDAs or PS-NSAs have been preselected or pre-judged for any of the awards. As a sequel to this, the verification process will commence, to be followed by online and face-to-face judging by a team of international and local judges to determine the winners in various categories to be awarded in July 2019.

At stage of the competition, the MSWR has cautioned participating MMDAs to avoid media interaction and reportage on the Sanitation Challenge achievements, as that may constitute interference and breach of confidentiality with the verification and judging processes; which could lead to elimination of the Assembly implicated.

Congratulations to all participating MMDAs and PS-NSAs; and may the best MMDAs and PS-NSAs win!

Look out for more updates as we move towards the final awards!


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