Accra, Ghana, July 24, 2019.

The UK-Aid funded Sanitation Challenge for Ghana Dignified City Award event recognized 6 private partners with a total of cash prize of USD 225,000 for excellence in working with local governments to implement urban liquid waste management strategies to benefit poor communities and to influence local policies and programmes.

Award winners with their district assemblies displaying their dummy cheques and plaques 

The Gates Foundation-supported private sector and non-state actor prize was a component of the final stage of the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana. The six winners were announced and presented with the awards under the distinguished patronage of the Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources supported by the office of the president of the Republic of Ghana.

Out of over sixty registered private sector and non-state actors, fourteen successfully submitted their final implementation reports on their intervention to help local communities in their target local governments areas. These reports were screened and passed on to an independent verification agent for verification and screening. A panel of international and local judges subsequently determined winners. At the face-to-face judging, the private partners made live presentations to the panel of five judges, who determined the winners.

“The mention of our name as first winners came with excitement, especially because we knew the screening process was very fair and transparent. Since rolling out our business model in 2010, we had confidence in ourselves and in our idea.

We believed we had really prepared ourselves for this prize. Even without knowing about the prize, our passion for implementing the innovation were poised to achieve our goals.

We appreciate the recognition of our effort and hope to use the prize funds to invest in upscaling to other potential wastewater treatment plant “

– Mark Yeboah-Agyepong, the founder and centre director of TriMark Aquaculture Centre, 1st winner of the Private Partner Prize

The winners are split across first, second and third and three special prizes, awarded for initiatives that distinguished themselves for excellence across innovation, partnership and community participation. Honorary prizes and citation were also given to all finalists for their efforts towards supporting implementation of local governments urban liquid waste strategies.

The Private Partner Prize Winners

TRiMark Aquaculture Centre – 1st winner, 100,000USD for its innovative Partnership with Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly

Clean Team Ghana Limited – 2nd winner, 60,000USD for its creation of low cost innovative cartridge toilets with Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly

Nanumba North Youth Parliament – 3rd winner, 35,000USD for its outstanding community engagement with the Nanumba North Assembly and wider community.

Live Right Ghana – Special Award, 10,000USDf or its innovative locally-produced reusable sanitary pad and undertaking community training with Nanumba North District Assembly.

Afram Plains Development Organisation, Special Prize, 10,000USD for designing and running a WASH interschool quiz and for developing a low-cost circular latrine with Nanumba North District Assembly  

Training, Research and Networking for Development (TREND), Special Prize, 10,000USD for its innovative capacity building and data collection with Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly.

TRiMark Aquaculture Centre  the 1st winner for the Private Partner Prize component of the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana receives their award

Honorary prizes

Adjei Kum Construction Works, Global Communities, Grow Advancement Ghana Foundation, Nyame Tumi So Enterprise, Rural & Urban Sanitation International Ghana Limited, Sap & Sap Ltd, SBP BIO GAS and Volta Waste Limited – Each received recognition plaques and certificate of appreciation for being finalists.

About the prize and the competition

The Private Sector and Non-State Actor Prize – launched in July 2017 to boost commitment from the private sector and non-state actors in the implementation of the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana, or Stage 2. The Gates Foundation in collaboration with Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) secured USD 225,000 to be awarded as specific thematic prizes for successful private partners who provide investments, innovative business solutions and expertise to the 17 contesting local governments in the SC4Gh to enable them to achieve the full cycle implementation of their liquid waste management strategies.

The Sanitation Challenge for Ghana was launched by the Government of Ghana in November 2015 as a component of the Ideas to Impact Global Initiative, to stimulate competition among Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) and to encourage inclusive partnership for the design and implementation of sustainable liquid waste management strategies, geared towards bringing transformational changes to city-wide sanitation service delivery. IRC Ghana is the national implementing agent acting on behalf of IMC Worldwide with technical support from Maple Consult (Ghana).

Six Ghanaian Private Partners Win CASH Prizes at the Dignified City Award Event

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