Learn how Prestea HuniValley District Assembly is implementing a liquid waste management strategy which will transform the livelihoods of this district.

Progress up till date (reported up till mid March)

  • 4 acre Liquid Waste Disposal site acquired – to be used as final disposal site with a treatment plant.
  • Memo for the use of site for waste stabilisation point done.
  • Sensitisation and enforcement of bye-laws ongoing with renewed energy
  • The project communities are being sensitize with feedback indicating full acceptance /ownership Included sanitation activities in the composite budget and action plan
  • General Assembly Adopted the District SC4Gh Proposal at a Meeting
  • Partnership with Waste Land Fill Sites and Golden Star Resources Ltd.
  • Bio-gas and Bio-Fil knowledge as a result of the SC4Gh

“The Duapa Award came as a surprise as we devoted limited time for the plan; but has motivated the entire assembly especially the dream makers to fully come on board – so we are out for the ultimate.” – Coordinating Director, PHV District Assembly.


The Challenge has to do with staff transfers, PPP bureaucracy, DCE appointment delays, and new appointees/ Staff to be briefed.

Prestea Huni Valley District Assembly

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