Learn how Effutu Municipality is implementing a liquid waste management strategy which will transform the livelihoods of this municipality.

Progress up till date (reported up til mid March)

  • Competitive spirit within the assembly generated with full local leadership involvement/ ownership
  • Huge internal motivation with recognition that the monetary Award is real Sanitation now the talk of the Assembly
  • Included sanitation activities in the composite budget and action plan
  • General Assembly Adopted the District SC4Gh Proposal at a Meeting
  • SWOT Analysis of the district done and needs of vulnerable highly considered in the project
    Sensitisation within the Assembly done and now focusing on the community Education with the message focused on a journey towards clean and secured investor friendly Municipality – Radio Windibay/ community engagement, etc.
  • 2 parcels of land acquired and PPP arrangements sort to Construct Treatment Plant
  • Mini competition among 4 zonal councils within the Assembly (DA Award) to motivate effective implementation.
  • Platform for complain reportage and technical team to deal with them


Main challenge is around funding, which is hugely due to political transition/ PPP arrangement, etc.

Effutu Municipal Assembly

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