Validation clinic in session with Carolyn Stephens
Validation clinic in session with Mawuena Dotse

On November 16-17, 2017 the sanitation challenge for Ghana (SC4Gh) baseline verification reports were validated by the over 76 participating stakeholders drawn from the 17 MMDAs vying for the Dignified city awards and the national level.

Using the clinic validation method the 17 MMDAs took turns in a group of four to review their baseline verification reports with support from the SC4Gh technical experts (clinic ‘doctors), comprising Mawuena Dotse and Chris Sackeyfio of Maple Consult, Carolyn Stephens of IMC Worldwide and Kwame Asubonteng of IRC Ghana.

At the end of the validation session the MMDAs gave positive feedback on the validation of their respective reports indicating their level of satisfaction with the process and the methodology:

  • Clarity was the mark of the interaction – Pru District
  • Indicators are now clear, more simplified – Kassena Nankana Municipal
  • Gray areas clarified, gaps filled and better going forward – Effutu Municipal
  • Additionality was the mark of the discussion – AMA
  • Opportunity for a relook at strategies against the goals and indicators – Kwahu East
  • Focus now clear and more on track –we responding to treatment! –Nanumba North
  • Indicators now sharpened with collective team understanding – Atiwa
  • Strategy revised to bring out the innovations –good prescription! – Ahanta West
  • Revised indicators to conform with the objectives – KMA
  • Activities, goals, objectives revised and aligned – Ejisu
  • Limelight to rethink our indicators – great learning for us! –Mampong
  • Fine-tuned proposal to conform with national standards from public to institutional facilities – Jasikan
  • Opportunity for review and refocus –this is a mark of a real competition! –Offinsu North
  • Our ailment has been diagnosed and cured –Ewutu Senya
  • Innovation measures have been incorporated – which is very useful! – Savelugu Nantong
  • Problem diagnosed and incorporated – Prestia Huni Valley

The workshop also deliberated and agreed on the judging criteria as well as the content of the reports to be presented by MMDAs as part of the competition

The validation workshop followed visits from the baseline verification agent to all 17 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) involved in the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana (SC4Gh) contest, the baseline reports and indicators were drafted for each MMDA and shared with them.  To ensure proper validation of the reports and indicators, the workshop was organised for representatives of the 17 MMDAs and relevant stakeholders from the National level who have been involved in the SC4Gh prize.

The Prize Team comprising IMC Worldwide, MAPLE Consult, Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR) and IRC Ghana facilitated and moderated the workshop to create the platform for each MMDA and other stakeholders to provide feedback on the reports as well as their initial thoughts on the indicators presented and the evidence they need to collect to support their reports

The participants were drawn from the local and national level. The 17 MMDAs participants included Coordinating Directors, Environmental Health Officers /Public Health Engineers, Planners, Private Partners and a couple of Chief Executive Officers; while the National level participants included, Officials from Ministry of Finance (MoF), National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Office of the Head of Local Government Service (OHLGS), Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), and the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (CWSA).

Sanitation Challenge for Ghana (SC4Gh) is an inducement prize initiative to stimulate competition among Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) and to encourage inclusive partnership for the design and implementation of sustainable liquid waste management strategies, geared towards bringing transformational changes to city-wide sanitation service delivery.

MMDAs validate SC4GH baseline verification report

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